Access to the conference

The 13th edition of the Symposium on Statistical Methods for the Food Industry will take place at The National School of Mineral Industry (ENIM), Av.Hadj Ahmed Cherkaoui, Agdal, Rabat.

Flights to the International Airport of Rabat-Sale (RBA), are operated from Paris.
Flights are operated from many destinations around the world to Mohamed V International Airport (CMN) in Casablanca. There is a train from Casablanca Mohamed V International Airport to Rabat. A taxi from the airport in Casablanca to Rabat costs around 60 Euros.

Inside Rabat, Blue taxis can be used for transport. The fee for e.g. the distance from conference centre to downtown is about 2 Euros.
Since 2011, there are also two tram lines connecting the major centers of the city.
Nevertheless, Blue taxis are the most convenient way (and cheap) to circulate in Rabat.


No special vaccination required, please confer your local health authorities.


No visa is required for Europeans, US citizens, Canadians etc. Please contact your nearest Moroccan embassy for further information:


Rabat offers a large number of hotels ranging from budget hotels to very chic hotels. Please have a look at the Accomodation Web Page.

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