Themes of the Days

The aim of Agrostat 2014 is to bring together scientists and practitioners interested in the application of statistical methods to food industry and connected domains such as cosmetics. The topics, although not exclusive, to be covered during the conference are the following:

  • Sensometrics: Statistical methods for sensory analysis and preference studies. Planning of sensorial evaluations, analysis of expert panel or consumer data, analysing relationships between instrumental and sensorial measurements, relating consumer preferences to sensorial data.
  • Chemometrics: Extraction of useful information from data collected in analytical chemistry, from physical measurement data, etc. Exploration and prediction in a supervised or an unsupervised framework with linear or nonlinear procedures. Analysis of multi-way data tables.
  • Design of Experiments: methodology which offers a general approach to join optimization of the experimental design and modeling of the phenomena studied in experimental sciences.
  • Process Control: use of statistical or artificial intelligence methods to develop and better control a process and to enhance product quality: quantitative and qualitative modelling, experimental design, validation of fast measurement methods, control charts, neuronal nets, fuzzy logic, etc.
  • Risk Analysis: better understanding and control of the evolution of micro-organisms and of their effects upon human health. Prevention of the risks linked with their development in food industries. Epidemiology, predictive microbiology, dose-effect model, shelf-life testing, etc.

Posters related to other topics in food science, food industry and connected domains are also welcome.

The opportunity will be given to deal with these themes in both their theoretical and applied aspects.

On March 25th, the day before the conference, optional workshops will be organized.

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